While consciously studying engineering ethical theories in school, I realized how outdated my website was per today's modern tech infrastructure. So I ultimately decided to give it a redesign during this spring break. Unfortunately, the old website not only failed to provide mobile responsiveness but was merely an amalgamation of side-projects and my website. Over the years, as I worked on side-projects like dashboards, MFA, O-Auth, I tried to implement them on a single website. However, this was mainly to reserve my thinking and intellect to be devoted solely to back-end programming on the Express framework. As a result, I refrained from caring about how it looked visually than its logical operation and performance.

As I attempted to understand what I look for when visiting a website, I realized that I underserved the visitors by not providing a responsive design. This time, I intended to design a website that was universally accessible from different devices by different groups of people, mainly those of different characteristics. I wished it had simple and intuitive access and low effort in visual information. I wished for fonts to be bigger than usual on a desktop and relatively small on a mobile device. I provoked the thought to consider understanding the importance of the Continual Innovation Framework.

The core idea for the Continual Innovation Framework is more than just incremental changes. It shows your willingness to implement your imagination by constantly innovating on a product (here is my website). I resist the one in all model of implementation of an idea. Instead, it helps diversify and fine-time a thought by executing any visually and consciously getting a feel for its effects. This methodology avoids thought suppression and urges for implementation.

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations. Steve Jobs

As I redesigned the website, I made sure to categorize my ideas in different buckets to welcome a visitor formally. In addition, I differentiated my projects with content that defines my interests and technical information about me.