A few months ago, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I developed some interest in learning full stack web development. At the time until I decided to approach this pursuit, I had already done some web development here and there. Then I decided to practically apply that skill to construct a web application, which I would never get a chance to explore random area of engineering in any given ongoing full semester in college. Much of the focus in that time would be around the courses I take, which rarerly be something related to web development. Surfing the World Wide Web, and also some books, I got good amount of information on some of the crucial frameworks and libraries used nowadays like ExpressJS, ReactJS, and the cloud database: MongoDB. I had done quite a bit of loose programming to develop Web Applications for some client I got before, but not to the level of what an individual with knowledge of Full Stack can do.

A little fastforward to the story, it took me about 20 days to create what I arbitrary called AP Contact, which can solve ones problem to send survey emails. How about small businesses wanting to send survey emails to their customers and further track their responses back using a custom dynamic web portal?. This is exactly what I tried to solve using open source code I developed. The user can send survey questions in large group seamlessly, and then track the end-users response using the dashboard.